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Commercial Landscaping Services and Landscape Designs in Orange County and Los Angeles.

We provide grounds maintenance and landscape solutions that are designed with your satisfaction as the highest priority. Your property’s image speaks volumes about the products or services you offer. Creating and maintaining pristine, well-manicured grounds can play an integral part in shaping that image.

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Orange County is witnessing steady growth with the median home price recently soaring past the $650,000 mark. The County is becoming home to more and more residents every year. This brings an increase in pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic throughout the entire area and the need for commercial landscape maintenance services.

The population increase equates to more exposure and more potential customers. In today’s digital age where transparency and accountability is at an all-time high, your business’ reputation must shine. A positive image of your company means more growth but a negative image can be the death of an enterprise. With the help of a commercial landscape company, you get to make and sustain that great first impression and positive image.

First Impressions are everything to the general public and when you have the chance to showcase your business, a well-planned and thoroughly maintained business by a commercial landscaping service can speak volumes about your image and reputation. The façade of your headquarters or business is the customer’s first impression. It gives the customer an image to link back to your business. It’s just as important as your company’s branding because a well-maintained landscape presents an image of success and commitment to your business and its product.

Commercial Landscaping Services Company in Orange County

commercial landscape service orange countyIf you’re a business owner with a space that you would like to reimagine or add color and life to, call Loly & G Building Services, a professional and fully insured commercial landscape maintenance company.

Watch us use our 25 years of experience to transform that blank space into a vibrant, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing work of art that will give customers a true sense of peace and belonging.

The industry-leading professionals at Loly & G Building Services have the expertise in planning, developing and maintaining first class landscaping designs to transform the image of your business.
We provide you with the ability to give your customers the first impression of dedication and commitment that will help grow your customer base.
When you call Loly & G Building Services one of our knowledgeable landscape experts will come out to your property and evaluate the space to determine its best use and go over the different options to optimize our services to provide the biggest impact possible for your business.

Landscape Design Service in Orange County

landscape design service orange countyYou have come to the decision that your commercial space needs something more. It’s lacking in personality, charm and appearance. Call Loly & G Building Services and allow us to visit your business. We will sit down with you and talk over what you’re trying to achieve with the space and provide you the commercial landscape maintenance services your business deserves. We welcome the opinions of our clients.

We want to hear from you and build the perfect landscaping solution together.

We know you have questions about planting, installation, maintenance and cost. We work with all budgets, sizes and goals to come up with a customized solution that you feel good about investing in. After we meet, you will feel the intrinsic value in adding this aesthetic charm to your company’s image.

We work in conjunction with our clients to ensure that the landscape design is developed and maintained in a way that enhances your business’ appearance. Our goal is to exceed your already high expectations.

Landscape Maintenance Service in Orange County

You may have an existing landscape solution, but need someone to maintain and look after its growth and stability. We can add and replant whenever needed as well as trim, manicure and keep your grounds looking as pristine as the reputation it provides you. Some of the commercial landscape maintenance services we offer include:

Lawn Maintenance

A well-maintained lawn is a delicate work of art that involves, planting, feeding, cutting and replacement as needed. With our commercial landscaping services we first plant and give birth to the lawn your company deserves. We then come back regularly to keep it on a strict maintenance cycle that keeps it green, freshly cut, and flourishing all year round.

Small Tree Planting

Small Tree Planting service orange countyCreate a lush and bountiful environment with our small tree planting services. We plant all types of trees including cherry, orange, olive, myrtle, apple, plum and many other varieties. A series of small trees can transform a bright, sunny and warm exterior to a garden of serenity , peace and relaxation for your customers and employees.

Landscape and Hardscape

Some customer spaces work better with hardscapes of rocks and stone configurations mixed with small plantings. We make sure these systems stay in tip top shape. For landscape and hardscape spaces we will determine the necessary routine maintenance schedule that keeps your landscape creation looking consistently healthy year round.

Outdoor Lighting

Some customers have landscapes that consist of outdoor lighting. Part of your commercial landscape maintenance package will include the caretaking necessary to keep your fixtures looking vibrant and bright in order to light the way to your business, even when you are not there.

Fertilization Services

Fertilization services keeps lawns, shrubs, trees and other plants healthy during the duration of their foreseeable lifespan. We specialize in pest control and weeds services. No lawn or landscape should be suspect to the attacks of pests and weeds that can infiltrate the healthiest of landscapes and lead to their demise. We stop this from happening.


Part of a healthy maintenance schedule is regular watering of your lawn and various plant life. When we design your customized plan, irrigation is a solution that can extend the life of your landscaping products and keep your property vibrant looking even when we aren’t there.

Loly & G Building Services understands that each business and their respective needs are different from others. That’s why we would like to meet you, talk over your goals and vision and work together to develop a customized plan that makes sense for your business. Our commercial landscaping services are top quality and offer great value due to the dedication and commitment we make to your lawn, landscaping and overall business.

We value your property and its needs. We come in and treat your property like it’s our own. We don’t rest until you are satisfied. We work fast, efficiently and precise. When you call Loly & G Building Services, it’s a call you make for the best in quality and price in commercial landscaping services. Our reputation is important to us and as a result we wouldn’t expect anything less for your business.

Together we embark on a long-lasting partnership where we invest in the best interests of your company, its appearance and longevity. Loly & G Building Services signs on to provide a commitment that gives you the peace of mind and trust that we will be there to keep your business looking its best. Our expertise, design, and maintenance services speaks for themselves. It’s time your business experiences a first-class partnership.

Don’t waste time and energy elsewhere because a quality landscape design and maintenance team is worth its weight in gold. Tell us how we can help you better serve the needs of your business, improve its reputation and turn heads with a pristine, creative and stunning commercial landscape solution.

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