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Commercial Janitorial Services in Orange County and Los Angeles.

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We tailor our commercial cleaning service to meet the needs of our clients. We are located in Orange County, California, serve to Los Angeles and Riverside area, and offer a variety of services to maintain your building.

Commercial Janitorial Services in Orange County

Loly & G Building Service is a fully insured maintenance company with more than 25 years of providing first-class Commercial Janitorial Services and Landscaping Services in Orange County to a wide array of clients and businesses. Building maintenance is what we do best and our expertise, hard work and commitment to your business is always our first priority. Our clients are treated like family and only deserve the best in services that we can offer.

A solid building maintenance plan is critical and must include commercial janitorial services to help improve the image and success of your company.

The employees and clients deserve to work in a space that is polished, clean and neat. When you contract the hard working men and women of Loly & G Building Services, we offer a peace of mind that you can’t get in many places.

Our commitment to your business, its image and longevity is our top priority.

If you stay in business, we stay in business. It’s a partnership that we embrace because as we walk hand and hand with you the entire way, you know that we have your back for all of your building maintenance needs.

The cleanliness of your office or facility is a direct reflection on what we do best.

It creates a solid first impression for new clients walking into your building and helps in retaining employees by providing them with a morale boost knowing that they work for a company that takes their image and sanitary conditions seriously.

Loly & G Building Services will come visit your facility, building or office and determine what commercial janitorial services you need and how often they must be performed in order to maintain the long term appearance of your business.

We want to find the perfect balance of practicality, affordability and peace of mind. Some of our services that we offer include:

Day Porter and Night Cleaning Service in Orange County

Commercial Janitorial Services Day Porter and Night Cleaning Service in Orange County
We create, implement, and manage cost effective building maintenance schedules.

Day Porter and Night Cleaning: Is your office fully staffed 24 hours per day, seven day per week? If not, then night porter service is right for you. Trust our dedicated professionals to visit your office during non-traditional work hours and maintain he facility with daily garbage removal, vacuuming, mopping and dusting services that give your office a fresh new look every single day.

No disgusting garbage left over and no smelly work lunchrooms. Commercial janitorial services clean up after you, so you don’t have to. Every day is new thanks to the night time cleaning services we offer here at Loly & G Building Services.

Day porters are ideal for business that operate at night. Are you the owner or operated of a bar, nightclub or theater? If this is the case, then you make the majority of your business when no one else is usually working; at night. We work to develop a customized work schedule and maintenance plan that utilizes our best commercial janitorial services to accommodate your unique business hours and deliver the porter services you need to keep your business in tip top shape and ready for its next rush of nightlife.

Day porters will clean counters, mop floors, empty garbage cans, clean the bathroom and polish furnishings. Our services will make it look like grand opening every night. Call Loly & G Building Services and see how we can help your business today.

Stop using services that do not fully commitment to quality, excellence and consistency. Our commercial janitorial services do the job right the first time all the way through the last. Our reputation is only as good as our last job. This keeps Loly & G Building Services focused and committed to our client’s expectations and image.

Parking Lot Sweeping Service in Orange County

Parking Lot Sweeping Service in Orange County Commercial Janitorial Services
We have a reliable sweeping service that is available 24 hour, seven day a week to provide our customers with flexible scheduling options.

Parking Lot Sweeping Service: Many Orange County office buildings have spacious parking lots to accommodate employees, clients and customers. Just because these are outside, doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning. Loly & G Building services janitorial services include dust, debris and trash removal which can collect and swirl around an uncleansed parking lot.

Our Parking Lot Sweeping Service is available 24 hours, seven days a week to provide our customers with flexible scheduling options. Because the parking lot is the first thing you will see, we can couple this with our other flexible options that also include a wide array of landscaping services.

Window Washing Services in Orange County

Window Washing Services in Orange County Commercial Janitorial Services
Keep windows clean inside and out with our detail inside window washing.

Window Washing Services: As part of your business’ customized maintenance package, we can include window washing service that will enhance the beauty of our cleaning efforts and truly make the entrance, halls and lobbies of your business shine with a reputation of success and perfection.

Outside Window Washing Service Commercial Janitorial Services
We understand what appearance a dirty window can create, we offer our outside window washing service to keep your site looking sharp.

No one likes smudges, fingerprints, dirt and bacteria all over the glass and doors. Don’t give your business the impression that you are disinvested in your company’s image and reputation. We at Loly & G Building Services and our team of dedciated commercial janitorial cleaners know that cleaning is not what makes you tick. You need to be on the frontlines dealing with clients, customers and employees to help grow your business and its brand. Building maintenance should be left to the pros at Loly & G Building Services.

At the same time however, you need to have the trust in knowing that when you contract the services of Loly & G Building Services you are getting that same nonstop commitment from us that you give to your business. Clean businesses, and yes this includes your windows, makes for motivated employees and happier customers. It says that you care what others think about you. For businesses, this is critical.

Pressure Washing Service in Orange County

Pressure Washing Service in Orange County Commercial Janitorial Services
We offer low/high pressure, hot/cold water and chemical applications to clean all types of surfaces from sidewalks, to concrete building exteriors.

Pressure Washing Service: High traffic areas of your exterior need attention as well. High pressure washing takes water and pressurizes it into a powerful surface cleaning agent capable of removing stains and dirt from some of the more stubborn surfaces.

It will sanitize and freshen up the exterior of your facility. It will give it a clean, manicured appearance combined with our other industry leading landscaping services, to give people the desire to spend just as much time outside your office as inside.

Strip & Wax and Epoxy Floor Coating in Orange County

Strip & Wax and Epoxy Floor Coating in Orange County Commercial Janitorial Services
Keep your floors in the best looking condition as possible. We strip, seal, wax, polish, burnish a wide range of flooring materials.

Strip & Wax and Epoxy Floor Coating: The proper maintenance of your hard floors inside your business can make them look and feel like new every day. This will also save you money on replacement flooring because with the right maintenance plan, your floors can look like new for a long time.

Vinyl flooring, known for its durability and ability to withstand years of high traffic, must also be properly maintained. Stripping the floor of dirt, scuffs, and stains is what we do best. We then wax and polish it to make it look like a sheet of glass. It’s impressive what we can do. Our commercial cleaning services keep you looking your best at all times.

Vinyl flooring when cleaned, waxed and polished can give you a sleek, professional look that will speak volumes to your reputation as a business who values the perception of their clients and customers. However, just as fast as those floors can look like new, an unpolished and stripped down vinyl floor can look dingy, dirty, dreary and unprofessional.

Commercial Cleaning Services Orange County CA

Let Loly & G Building Services help you. Call us today and tell us about your business, facility, building or other property that you need a hand in maintaining. We here here to help with flexible scheduling, contracts and commercial janitorial services.

We here at Loly & G Building Services are truly a one-stop shop for all your business maintenance needs from interior cleaning, exteriors cleaning, landscaping and everything in between, we’re here to help.

We value the image we set for your business and we take this commitment seriously. As a longtime building and business maintenance company, you don’t get to stick around for 25 years if you don’t take take what you do to heart.

Our commercial janitorial services are the best your money and commitment can buy.

Loly & G Building Services, a Green cleaning company is a fully equipped and insured building maintenance company providing commercial janitorial services who refuses to use harmful detergents that can be toxic to both our workers and yours.

Our clients are everything to us and we work with you to find the perfect solution for whatever janitorial building services fit your budget and overall goals. Loly & G Building services is waiting to help, so give us a call today.

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